So, I have this bugbite. It is swollen, hard, and hot. Last night I had a massive headache and my arms were KILLING me. They hurt bad, real bad. Like, I would not mind ripping them off bad. I also couldn’t breathe well for as long as I thought about breathing. Which, when you can’t breathe well, you focus on.

So I had a lovely night. Probably should have gone to the hospital, but, bleh.

Being from NY, I doubt it was another recluse (Because being that unlucky bastard to get that one recluse that is totally out of it’s environment, and actually catching a good look of it just ain’t happening twice.) and I didn’t get even a look of whatever bit me. Only guessing spider as it seems more likely than other biting nasties with venom. And pain is definitely a venom thing.

If anyone has any suggestions of what it could be or what I should do, let me know? Until then I will be doing the obligatory “Okay, I didn’t get awesome spider powers now, did I?” tests.

Let’s play a game of chicken. If you ask me something, and I can’t answer it because it’s too embarrassing/whatever, you win.

As a bonus: if I can’t answer something, I’ll post a voice clip of me making a chicken sound.

I just got thrown out of the dorm by Morgan, who claims its not her fault when Alen said its because someone requested a roommate, ignored by my boyfriend, told last about Karen coming to new York, made fun of by people at my job, lost a long time best friend because she kept rescheduling to the point I could not hang out with her and we fought, and to top it all off, someone I consider a good friend is having a party, and manages to invite Dan, but not me. Granted, there’s a limited number of people that he can invite because it’s at a friend’s house, but I figured that we had been close enough that I would have made that list, even if more recently he has been more interested in everyone else besides me.

Oh, and ignoring the issue with friends, I’ve spent a good portion of the summer sick from the job that I had to leave, so now I’ve got money from the few art commissions I fight to land, and that’s it. It might be the first year I will miss comic-con, breaking a 7-year streak. And Comic-con is the one con that is usually really stress and drama free for me, which, of course, makes it my favourite.


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