Giveaway time! Thank you all for 1000+ followers, I appreciate it so much!
As promised, here is the 1,000+ follower giveaway: a fangirl feels emergency kit.

  • Owl Plushie: to squeeze the HELL out of when you’re overcome with feels
  • Friendship mug: to remember that you have friends that share your feels
  • Robot mustache man necklace: a little buddy to keep you company
  • Strength candle: CITRUS SCENTED! To remind you to BE STRONG through your feel overload
  • Frog hot&cold gel thingy: FOR YOUR OUCHIES AND BOOBOOS caused by fandom life
  • Hot cocoa: …to fill your damn mug
  • Kleenex: you know what this is for
  • Audiology black earphones: to drown out the world during these times of crisis


Now there are, of course, some rules!

  1. You do not have to be following me to win, but if there are changes made to the giveaway that you aren’t made aware of (such as end date), you are responsible!
  2. Please tag your giveaway so that your followers can block it if they want to
  3. Do not reblog more than times a day. No dash clogging, it’s rude! Likes also count as an entry.
  4. Make sure you are willing to give your address to me and if you must ask for parental permission, please do so
  5. Make sure your ask box is open.  The winner will be notified in their ask box about the win.
  6. I will ship internationally, however if the winner is not in the United States or Canada, shipping may be delayed based on cost, but the winner will still receive the items (eventually)

The giveaway will conclude on Friday, June 8, 2012 (one month from now) at around 5pm Central Standard Time. I will be using a random number generator to determine who the winner is!
A big thank you to Sarah for making the graphic for me!
WOW everyone! 

I made this giveaway to celebrate over 1,000 followers and somehow in that time, I gained a whole new thousand! @____@
To celebrate the new milestone of over 2,000 followers, I’ve decided to add to the giveaway!! One lucky winner will receive all of the items from the Fandom Survival pack, and a few random fandom-y things that I’ve thrown together. If they’re not your cup of tea, I’m sorry! Stuff is always good to have though, right? :D
  • Jawn the Hedgehog eraser
  • Marvel’s The Avengers Iron Man Vinyl Bobble Head
  • Marvel’s Captain America button
  • Marvel’s Captain America jelly bracelet
  • Three Adventure Time buttons

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